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Auener Hof - Dining Home:
The world's first live-in restaurant

Our establishment places location and cuisine at the very heart of what we do.

At the Auener Hof Dining Home life revolves around our Terra Restaurant. While away your time reading books and papers in our library or in the individual spa and sauna area, or taking a walk in the woodland around the house, or simply enjoying an evening in your room, before making your way to our dining room for dinner.

Breakfast is served at your table so that you can begin your day feeling like a guest, selecting exactly what you would like us to bring to your table.

In Auener Hof there is a kitchen, dining room, a wine cellar right at the top of the house, a sitting room with a log fire, a bar, a lounge and a bedroom.

It's like living in a generously proportioned apartment, whilst being cared for and cooked for. We think of ourselves not as a hotel, but a very special destination for gourmets, epicureans, wine connoisseurs, individualists, explorers and inquisitives."

What we are not
We are not a hotel in the usual sense. We don't have half-board as an optional extra. We don't have a breakfast buffet with the usual choices on offer. We have no weekly deals. Our guests come to stay with us, to lose themseselves in the silence, to enjoy the gorgeous nature...


Great Italian Chefs

Stellar moments at Auener HofDetails in woodWinter in Sarentino, South Tyrol>
Stellar moments at Auener Hof